On-Premise Virtualization is a really useful way to limit the amount of necessary hardware sitting in your server room. Imagine combining all of your servers into a single physical server. The only limiting factor in rolling out an On-Premise solution is the total amount of resources available on the host box. Assuming that your organization’s server has enough power and resources to accommodate a consolidation, multiple guest servers can live within a single physical box.

On-Premise virtualization is a traditional data center approach. The primary benefit of On-Premise Virtualization is that it gives your organization a larger degree of control over the hardware involved in a campaign to virtualize. The primary drawback is that your organization retains the responsibility for the hardware, and the responsibility for a successfully implemented hardware lifecycle plan. This virtualization solution is heavier on the capital expense side.

A good blend of On-Premise Virtualization and Cloud Hosting is what we call Hybrid-Cloud Virtualization; where some of the more critical infrastructure is retained On-Premise, and some is, you guessed it, hosted offsite in a private cloud. This method is useful for the organization that wants to keep its critical infrastructure onsite, but still take advantage of the cost-savings in the cloud. TRA Consulting, Inc. is experienced in executing Hybrid-Cloud Virtualization deployments.

Just as important as finding the right Virtualization/Hosting solution for your organization – is finding the solution provider that will advise you in selecting the right product, and execute your migration with integrity and high efficiency. We suggest you work with a knowledgeable and experienced IT provider, like TRA Consulting, to facilitate the change. We put the interests of our clients in front of our profit margins, because it is the right thing to do.

Our Hosting Services solutions are HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Powerful encryption for all content ensures your data remains safe.