TRA Consulting, Inc. believes in security in layers; and as such, we highly recommend the implementation of a Network Edge Content Filtering Solution. Our experience with these products makes us a great choice to assist your organization in deploying a Network Edge Content Filtering Solution.

Many of the most effective breaches of data begin inside the network, oftentimes initiated by employees, either willfully or unwittingly. The most common scenario for the use case is the average employee on a company computer, perhaps checking social media or personal email during lunch or break. This breach of policy can seem innocent enough; but where it really becomes a problem is when that employee becomes the vector for a security breach that compromises sensitive data.

Content Filtering is an annoyance. It stops employees from going where they want to go. What it can do well is protect employees from themselves, and the company from a lawsuit.

Our Content Filter can block by website category, by keyword, or specific websites; and any combination of those three options. It is powered by industry leading cyber-security firms that update threat vectors constantly.

We recommend a Content Filter on the Network Edge in most cases for many reasons:

  • A network appliance assumes responsibility for processing data, relieving the burden on hosts
  • Inspects data at the network layer, rather than the application-layer
  • Locates itself at the best choke-point for traffic (network edge)
  • Less points of failure than a host-based system