TRA Consulting, Inc. can be thought of as a completely outsourced IT department. We combine all the components of a successful outsourced IT department. From our consulting services (Virtual CIO), to our network operations center, to our deskside support, we are able to cover all IT processes, from top-to-bottom. We eliminate the need to ever have to bring the IT department in-house.

TRA Consulting, Inc. believes a clean IT house begins with a tight network infrastructure and an efficiently performing server. We are minimalists when it comes to the Roles and Features installed on the servers we manage. We are constantly in the process of reclaiming server resources and streamlining process for our clients. This service ties in to our Managed Endpoint service, as a good alerting and automated maintenance system makes our job as administrators easier and more effective. Because our work revolves around the clock, we have an available 24/7 network operations center at our disposal.

The various network and server landscapes we administer support are disparate environments. The business verticals we operate in vary from Construction to Real Estate to Manufacturing to Logistics, etc. We have had the opportunity to support very different environments and business processes; and because of this, we have had to become successful in tailoring our solutions to fit the needs of our very heterogeneous clientele. It has sharpened our process of absorbing new clientele, supporting core business processes, and offering solutions that bring efficiencies to our clientele.

Please review our various IT Consulting services to see how we can help your organization:

  • Hardware-As-A-Service / Lease To Own
  • Managed Endpoint