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The Eight Essential Metrics for Desktop Support

The average Desktop Support organization tracks fewer than 5 KPI's.  However, there are literally hundreds of KPI's that have been defined for Desktop Support.  The vast majority of these metrics, however, are only marginally relevant – at best!

When it comes to KPI's for Desktop Support, less is more!  The eight that really matter are as follows:

  • Cost per Ticket
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Technician Utilization
  • First Contact Resolution Rate (incidents)
  • Mean Time to Resolve
  • % Resolved Level 1 Capable
  • Technician Satisfaction
  • Balanced Scorecard

These eight metrics represent the 80/20 rule when it comes to Desktop Support performance: 80% of the value you receive from performance measurement and management in Desktop Support can be derived from these eight simple metrics!

Mobility and the future of tablets in the workforce

Dell is developing some nice tablets! http://www.techpageone.com/technology/infographic-empowering-mobile-workforce/#.Ulz7Y6Pn-Uk

Is your organization set up to fully empower your mobile workforce? As tablets and other mobile devices continue to change the way people work, you need to make sure to keep up with your end users’ needs. If you haven’t given much thought to tablet adoption and desktop replacement, the time to do so is now. If you have, you know there’s more to learn. Recent research on mobility in the workplace points to some important trends:

  • Tablet usage is rapidly emerging as the front-runner in bring your own device (BYOD) uses and purchases — especially in education, healthcare, federal government and the enterprise — because tablets meet so many computing requirements across all industries and fields.
  • The majority of IT executives believe that their organizations will be at a competitive disadvantage without the necessary mobile computing solutions in place.
  • Most companies around the world believe that employee satisfaction and productivity improve with the right mobility solutions in place.
  • Security is still a primary concern for tablets and other mobile devices, but technology is advancing to meet the ever-evolving threats.

Contact TRA Consulting, Inc. to serve all of your mobility needs.  We are in the business of empowering our customers to work more efficiently.  We shoulder the burden of desktop support, managed IT services, and IT consulting needs so you don't have to.


Planning For Productivity In The Office

Workstations are as unique as the people that use them. Their is no good cookie cutter solution to this.

Typically what I have found is dual displays is always a good thing. Running duals always increases productivity. Studies have shown at least a 30% improvement.

The other thing is a good chair. The more adjustable the better.

The desk, however, can be anything. From door to the most expensive. A desk really is a desk unless you have some special requirements.

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HP Versus The World

Reposted from Tom's Hardware: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/hp-intel-microsoft-meg-whitman-android,24616.html

Meg Whitman says, "HP's traditional highly profitable markets face significant disruption. Wintel devices are being challenged by ARM-based devices," she said. "The disruptive forces are very tough and very real, and they are accelerating. We are seeing profound changes in the competitive landscape. Our competitors are expanding across the IT stack. Current partners like Intel and Microsoft are turning from partners to outright competitors."

I say good!  Change is good!  Disruptive forces can be the best forces to hit the market.  HP is one of the stalwart status quo players in the game.  Much in the same way Kia and Hyundai follow the Japanese in car design, HP has a reputation for following trends.  Their corporate structure is a monstrosity and moves like a blind sloth with the discerning tastes of an amoeba.

Dell crushed them in the 90's.  I am looking forward to the next disruptive change in the landscape taking down the behemoth for good.

Hp is to the computer industry what Jabba the Hut was to Star Wars.

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Trust People, Not Addresses

Don’t trust unsolicited files or embedded links, under any circumstances.

It’s easy to spoof e-mail addresses, so that an e-mail seems to come from someone other than the real sender (who may in any case be a spam tool rather than a human being). Basic SMTP does not validate the sender’s address in the “From” field, though well-secured mail services do often include such functionality.
It is also possible for mail to be sent from your account without your knowledge, by malware, though malware that works in this way is far rarer than it used to be. It’s far more effective for a spammer to hire the services of a bot-herder nowadays, and malware that manages to infect your system doesn’t have to use your mail account or client software to send spam, scams and malware on to other victims.
There are many ways to disguise a harmful link so that it looks like something quite different, whether it’s in e-mail, chat or whatever. The disguising of malicious links in phishing e-mails so that they appear to go to a legitimate site has obligated developers to reengineer browsers to make it easier to spot such spoofing.
However, too many people forget to make use of elementary precautions such as passing the mouse cursor over the link so that the real link shows up. In any case, it’s not always easy to distinguish a genuine site from a fake site just from the URL, even if the URL is rendered correctly..
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