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Planning For Productivity In The Office

Workstations are as unique as the people that use them. Their is no good cookie cutter solution to this.

Typically what I have found is dual displays is always a good thing. Running duals always increases productivity. Studies have shown at least a 30% improvement.

The other thing is a good chair. The more adjustable the better.

The desk, however, can be anything. From door to the most expensive. A desk really is a desk unless you have some special requirements.

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HP Versus The World

Reposted from Tom's Hardware: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/hp-intel-microsoft-meg-whitman-android,24616.html

Meg Whitman says, "HP's traditional highly profitable markets face significant disruption. Wintel devices are being challenged by ARM-based devices," she said. "The disruptive forces are very tough and very real, and they are accelerating. We are seeing profound changes in the competitive landscape. Our competitors are expanding across the IT stack. Current partners like Intel and Microsoft are turning from partners to outright competitors."

I say good!  Change is good!  Disruptive forces can be the best forces to hit the market.  HP is one of the stalwart status quo players in the game.  Much in the same way Kia and Hyundai follow the Japanese in car design, HP has a reputation for following trends.  Their corporate structure is a monstrosity and moves like a blind sloth with the discerning tastes of an amoeba.

Dell crushed them in the 90's.  I am looking forward to the next disruptive change in the landscape taking down the behemoth for good.

Hp is to the computer industry what Jabba the Hut was to Star Wars.

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