The XPocalypse Is Upon Us

~~The XPocalypse: a real threat or a Y2K-like scare? Is the XPocalypse as bad as everyone says it’s going to be? Well, yes and no. With the proper preventative action steps, it doesn’t have to be. All good things must come to an end. On Tuesday, April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will officially stop supporting their

Why Updates Are Good For Your Computer

~~Have you ever seen that little yellow shield in the lower right hand corner of your PC screen? You might have just ignored it in the past and kept right on working, but here we’ll explain why that little yellow icon with the exclamation point on it deserves a few moments of your attention even

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

See: The recent and ongoing issues plaguing the Obama Administration's attempt at the website spearheading the Affordable Care Act's initiative is a case-study in poor planning and follow through.  I can relate this to IT in general.  There is an old adage in the IT world which goes, "People never notice IT until something

IT Consultant or Computer Tech? Mr. Varjan says"Most people know the difference between a builder and an architect, a bookkeeper and a chartered accountant and an line cook and an executive chef. But there seems to be some confusion about the difference between computer technicians and IT consultants. For some reason there is a preponderance of computer technicians who

Who is your desktop support provider?

Our organization has been fighting for years to differentiate ourselves from the rest of our competition.  Our competition has changed over the last 12 years because we have followed a model of continual improvement.  When we began the process, our target audience was the end-consumer.  Beginning with the recession of 2008 and the sharp increase

Will the cloud solve all your desktop support problems? Probably not.

See discussion: For the SMB, many of whom are just beginning to adopt cloud services in their organizations, the cloud will change nothing with respect to desktop support.  The cloud can actually, in some cases, increase the complexity of serving the needs of SMBs.  The modern desktop support tech needs to not only be

Protecting your data

From: "Indonesia has had the dubious honour of supplanting China as the number one source of attack traffic globally in the second quarter, according to the latest stats from content delivery and security firm Akamai. The vendor’s State of the Internet report for Q2 found Indonesia accounted for 38 per cent of the world’s

Your employees could be your number one security threat

From Article: "I was just reading the results of a Forrester study called, “Understand the State of Data Security and Privacy.” One of the big findings was that “insiders” were the top source of breaches in the last 12 months, with 36% of breaches attributed to the (often inadvertent) misuse of data by employees.

The Eight Essential Metrics for Desktop Support

The average Desktop Support organization tracks fewer than 5 KPI's.  However, there are literally hundreds of KPI's that have been defined for Desktop Support.  The vast majority of these metrics, however, are only marginally relevant – at best! When it comes to KPI's for Desktop Support, less is more!  The eight that really matter are

Mobility and the future of tablets in the workforce

Dell is developing some nice tablets! Is your organization set up to fully empower your mobile workforce? As tablets and other mobile devices continue to change the way people work, you need to make sure to keep up with your end users’ needs. If you haven’t given much thought to tablet adoption and desktop