As if there weren’t enough challenges for growing small and medium size businesses, there is another one to add to their list: Enterprise level malware software at affordable prices. Up to recently, the majority of Data breaches have been targeted at big corporation (Target, Staples, Home Depot, etc.), however now the targets have shifted to smaller companies due to the commercialization of similar malware/keyloggers. Predator Pain and Limitless are two keylogging malware programs that can be bought from underground markets for cheap prices and can be used to attack and spy on anyone. The majority of targets of these keylogging software has been small and medium size businesses, as shown by TrendMicro research. Even though the software can be bought for an inexpensive amount, it is not a rudimentary in its execution. It can steal web (including banking) and email credentials, as well as reconfigure the email account so that it send the victim’s emails directly to the hacker. It can also capture keystrokes and screen shots of the computer. On top of that, it will encrypt all the communications between the infected computer and the criminal’s computer.

The method that criminals use to infect the computers is usually a drive-by download or phishing. Once the computer is infected, the malware will start collecting data, keystrokes and screenshots of the computer. If you are infected with this keylogger, what can you do? Well, there is not much out there in the form of removal of this specific malware. A quick google search for “How to remove Predator Pain” reveals very little on how to properly remove this nasty keylogger. In fact, a lot of the results are about how to use the keylogger and where to get it (paid or free). The only one I was able to find is a bit complicated, and it includes editing the registry, something the average user is not recommended to do, as it could lead to even more problems. There are tools out there that can help get rid of this and other nasty malwares, like Malwarebyes, Spybot, SuperAntiSpyware, but the best solution is prevention.

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