The Network Edge is defined by us as the boundary between the external network (internet) and the internal network. In most business environments, a firewall occupies that space and acts as gatekeeper. Every bit of good data and bad data travels through this gatekeeper to reach one side or the other. The firewall also happens to be the ideal spot to implement a first level of defense against would-be intruders so that the problem can be nipped in the bud before it becomes a problem.

Network Edge Services are part of a good “Security In Layers” defense against the external and internal world. We say internal as well as external, because many of the most effective breaches of data begin inside the network, oftentimes initiated by employees, either willfully or unwittingly. Every packet of data is compared against a database of know attack signatures, and employees are prevented from going to sites that break policy (and potentially reduce the amount of vectors for attack).

Network Edge Services operate at the packet-level to scan all data going in and out of the network for signatures of viruses/malware AND intrusion by would-be attackers.

Security in layers is the best way to protect your network against would-be attackers. We say “layers”, because in an ideal environment, your company will be defending the Network Edge, the endpoints, and the server. In this way, as a zero-day attack slips past one defense, it gets picked up by the next defense. There is no perfect solution for protecting against attack. TRA can help with the planning and implementation of a comprehensive defense against these threats.

TRA Consulting, Inc. has partnered with some of the most effective and sophisticated security providers in the world to leverage this protection into a first line of defense. The three services we focus on are Edge Antivirus, Edge Content Filtering, and Edge Intrusion Detection and Prevention.