TRA Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2011 by Thomas Andersen. It was started in, and continues to locate, its main office in Long Beach. It has been in its current location in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach since 2013.

Prior to TRA Consulting, Inc., the organization was a sole-proprietorship founded in 2007. Its growth from single-man-operation to small-business, and the incorporation that occurred in 2011 was the natural progression of a small endeavor that had gained considerable success and clientele through hard work, knowledge-centered-support, and perseverance.

Prior to 2007, the founder of TRA Consulting, Inc. was working hard personally developing the skills, leadership, and integrity that would one day become the basis for a flourishing managed services practice. To read more about his personal journey, check out the page dedicated to our founder HERE.

Throughout its metamorphoses, TRA Consulting, Inc. has focused on bringing enterprise-level IT to the small-business, showing a return-on-investment to its clients, and lowering the overall cost of IT. There are some principles that have made TRA successful in doing these things, and retaining clients for years. These guiding principles can be found in our Strategic Perspective:

TRA Mission Statement:

TRA Consulting, Inc. provides exceptional Managed IT, IT Consulting, Desktop Support, and Hardware Procurement/Lifecycle Management services to SMBs in the Southland (Los Angeles / Orange / San Diego Counties). We bridge the gap between SMBs that are too small to need their own in-house IT staff and SMBs that are large enough to require a full time IT staff.

TRA Vision Statement:

TRA Consulting, Inc. strives to become a premier outsourced IT staff to the SMB. We seek to replace the traditional in-house IT staff with proactive support, high-efficiency services, and rapidly scalable resources.

TRA Core Values:

Business-centric Support via Proactive Service, Sales, Consulting

We value the needs of our clients over our own bottom line. We keep the personal touch. Our management is accessible. We offer a single point of contact. We practice continual development of our skills. We are guided by knowledge-centered support.

TRA Today:

As a managed services provider, we technically have a global reach. Most of our clients are based in the southland – in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego. The largest concentration of our clients are based in a region that stretches from Los Angeles, through Long Beach, to Irvine and Newport Beach. As far as our global reach, we are currently the serving satellite offices of our existing clientele in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Oakland, CA, the UK. Wherever there is an internet connection, we can have a footprint. We can decrease the necessity of hiring onsite except for the jobs that absolutely require feet on the ground. We can manage those feet on the ground wherever necessary, so that your company doesn’t have to.