What exactly does TRA Consulting do?

We provide IT Planning, Execution, and day-to-day operational services. We utilize a mixture of Virtual-CIO, human resources, cloud services, and remote tools to enable companies to outsource their entire IT needs so they don’t need to hire in, or to waste money on low-quality IT providers. Imagine having an IT department at your fingertips, but without the burdensome cost of added personnel.


What market sector is TRA Consulting engaged in assisting?

We provide IT services to all industry verticals. Our clients come from all industries. This includes LEGAL, MANUFACTURING, CONSTRUCTION, REAL-ESTATE, ESCROW, INSURANCE, LEASING COMPANIES, DEVELOPMENT, LOGISTICS, INVESTMENT, HEALTH CARE, and many more. The various verticals we serve are beholden to many different laws, regulations, and licensing requirements. Our solutions and services are tailored to be sensitive to the individual needs of the client.


What size customer is best suited to TRA Consulting’s services?

We work in the small-medium-sized business sector. Our clients range in size from 1 endpoint to 200 endpoints. We have experience serving the needs to the small to medium sized business, no matter how small or how big. Some of our clients have been with us a decade or more and we have assisted in alleviated their growing pains from and IT standpoint. All companies in the small-medium-sized business sector benefit from working with TRA Consulting. We have the experience to secure, protect, and increase sales and savings.


What makes TRA Consulting different from other IT consultants?

Our commitment to continual improvement and efficiency are second to none. While most IT operations are working off methodologies and technologies 5-10 years ago; TRA Consulting is on the bleeding edge of IT. We are early adopters of disruptive technologies. We are technologists and enthusiasts. We are security professionals with an eye on the threat horizon. We are mentored by IT professionals in Koch Brothers, Ford, UBS, and Intuit.

Last but not least, we take the time to really get to know our customers: how they operate, what is most important to them, how we can serve them best. We do this in order to more completely align our role with the client.


Does TRA Consulting partner with vendors in related fields?

We do. A major responsibility of our job is to coordinate with Phone, Wiring, VoIP, Point-Of-Sale, Internet Service Provider, Door System, and Surveillance professionals on behalf of our clients so that we can assist with issues and installs which intersect IT. Pretty much everything intersects IT these days. What we found was that although we may be really good at what WE do; many outside vendors made us look bad and didn’t reach our level of expectation. Even though we are happy to work with any company’s vendors, we have our own short-list of approved vendors who are really top notch. Like we are.


What does TRA Consulting charge?

This varies. We really need to come out and get to know a customer, do a walk through, do a network analysis and talk about the budget in order to really discover the best array of services, at the price point that serves the client and the budget most. We offer as-needed rates, flat-rate unlimited plans, and some variations in-between. Our pricing is very aggressively competitive to our closest competition. If someone tells you they can do it cheaper or better than us, they are probably lying.


How can TRA Consulting make my business more efficient and more profitable?

By helping your company work faster, and better through the proper use of technology and IT management. Good IT makes efficient and happy workforce. We all spend a ton on payroll. But how much of our human resources spend is thrown away and wasted because of lost opportunities, unmonitored employee activities, poor communications, and security breach (from the inside as well as the outside?)


How can TRA Consulting make my business more secure?

We have the experience and ability to harden the organization from attack. From protection on multiple levels, to employee training and monitoring, good IT policy; we have almost unlimited tools at our disposal.


Is there a geographical location best suited to TRA Consulting services?

We operate in Southern California. The territory and clients we serve stretch from Downtown LA to San Diego, and into Mexico. Some of our clients have satellite office in other parts of the United States. We are able to serve those locations remotely. We have onsite personnel throughout Southern California, however.