Thomas Andersen founded TRA Consulting, Inc. in 2007 and has been the sole owner/operator and shareholder of the organization since. He currently holds the position of President and oversees the strategic vision of the company. TRA Consulting, Inc. is located in Long Beach, CA and Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, MX.

Prior to TRA Consulting, Inc (before 2007), Thomas cut his teeth in the industry working various contract jobs and gigs; and managing a number of businesses of varied size and industry.

As President, Founder, and current staff member, Thomas Andersen holds himself to a high standard. He ensures that he and the organization are benchmarked against industry standards.

He holds certifications from HDI, Interop, ISC, and CompTIA. He assisted CompTIA in the development of the CASP+ (Certified Advanced Security Practitioner) certification in 2010, and the Pentest+ (penetration tester) certification in 2018.

Today, Thomas Andersen gets great personal satisfaction out of serving the small-business community, mentoring, networking, and taking on fun and challenging projects. He manages the staff at TRA Consulting, who in turn provide the same exceptional level of customer service Thomas Andersen always prided himself on.