Thomas Andersen founded TRA Consulting, Inc. in 2011 and has been the sole owner/operator and shareholder of the organization since. He currently holds the position of President and oversees the strategic vision of the company, as well as some of the day-to-day operations and sales/marketing efforts. TRA Consulting, Inc. is located in Long Beach, CA in the Bixby Knolls district.

Prior to TRA, he was the owner/operator of AndTech of Long Beach, CA (2007 – 2011), where he provided exceptional desktop support to both Small Businesses and consumers throughout the Southland.

Prior to AndTech (2001 – 2007), Thomas cut his teeth in the industry working various contract jobs and gigs in the industry, gaining a wide array of experiences and sharpening his skills under varying conditions. He also worked a brief stint as the Operations Manager of Irvine Based Alpha Computers; which was then located on the corner of Michaelson and Von Karmen, and owned by John Hwang and Alex Tran.

He holds the sought after CISSP certification, the HDI Desktop Support Manager certification, and an entire battery of CompTIA certifications (12 total). He helped CompTIA develop the CASP+ (Certified Advanced Security Practitioner) certification in 2010. He was the first person in the country to take and pass that extremely advanced certification without study materials; and as such has bragging rights of knowing that material backwards and forwards, having both passed it without study materials, and having helped CompTIA develop it for the public by being involved in the Beta Exam.

His drive to certify and benchmark his knowledge against industry standards has been more of a personally fulfilling achievement, than a requirement of the job. Having been an entrepreneur since he turned 18, Thomas was never forced to qualify his skills in order to gain a job or keep a job or contract. Certifying has been largely a measuring stick he has used to compare his skills against the industry.

Today, Thomas gets great personal satisfaction out of serving the small-business community, mentoring, networking, and taking on fun and challenging server and email migration jobs. He manages the staff at TRA Consulting, who in turn provide the same exceptional level of customer service Thomas always prided himself on.