Sharing Is Caring!

~~In this day and age of Social Media, where people share things everyday with people they barely know, what about sharing with the people closest to you; the people in your private home network. There are multiple ways for the average home user to share files with other people in their home network The easiest

Et Tu SSL?

~~Et tu SSL? Last month the tech world was filled with stories about the Heartbleed bug. The Heartleed bug was called one of the more serious breaches in security in recent times. What makes is scarier is that the breadth of its impact won’t be exactly known since it went undetected for such a long

Windows 7 vs Windows 8(.1)

~~Ever since Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP, there has been some confusion as to which is the better operating system to upgrade to: Windows 7 or Windows 8. The consensus is that Windows 7 is the most robust operating system Microsoft has released since Windows XP. It’s more aesthetically pleasing due to its simplicity and

Double Whammy

~~Microsoft is not having a good month security wise. First of all, their stopping support for their very popular Windows XP OS created a security nightmare for a lot of people who have yet to upgrade their windows XP machines. Secondly, there has been a new flaw in Internet Explorer that has yet to be

Paths To Upgrade

~~Incredibly there are still many people who have yet to migrate away from the outdated and no longer secure Windows XP. It is no surprise that I have been receiving more spam and phishing emails coming to my personal inbox from people in my contact list. You’ve probably seen them; it’s the one where the

Time to switch

~~If you are reading this in a windows XP computer (hopefully not), then the time has ran out. Today Microsoft officially ends support for the 13 year old operating system, making this once popular operating system a security risk. There are many people who don’t know about this or are choosing to ignore it, but

Zero-Day Attack

~~Recently, there’s been news that Microsoft has found out that there have been zero-day attacks focused on a vulnerability on Microsoft Word 2010. It was originally spotted in Word 2010, but it also affects other versions, like Word 2003, 2007, 2013, 2013RT, Office for Mac, and Web apps. This happens when an attacker uses a

Security, Security, Security

~~When was the last time that someone said “I hope my network gets attacked by a hacker today”? Unless you have a honeypot, no one is looking forward for that to happen. Unfortunately, there are many people and businesses who not only are not equipped to prevent an intrusion in their systems, but worse yet,

Time For An Upgrade

~~As April 8th draws near, there are still many people and companies still using Window XP on their PC’s. If for some reason, you are not aware, Microsoft is going to pull the plug on Windows XP support, meaning that starting on April 9th there won’t be any new windows updates for it. There are

Rethinking Security

~~There have been a number of news stories in recent months that highlight a pattern of computer and internet security issues that has slowly emerged as more and more companies rely on internet connections and networks to complete transactions and store customer data. Most of these problems were reported as a single flaw in one