This is where we really shine. SEO and Analytics is the heart of everything we do at TRA Consulting, Inc. Everything we do revolves around data and metrics. All sites we develop are executed with Analytics, Goals, and Metrics in mind. We design sites so that YOU can determine how well you are serving your digital market.


Many firms that market SEO to business in the United States are doing so from overseas. A typical misconception is that you pay an offshore SEO company to “do” SEO for your company, and money is going to fall from the sky after 3-6 months. This could not be further from the truth. More often than not, this type of SEO is purely a scam. Most offshore SEO companies perform offsite SEO (if they even do anything), and very limited onsite SEO. Experience has taught us that this sort of work has no significant positive impact on the quality of your website or online presence. DON’T BUY INTO THE HYPE! If your SEO vendor can’t give you hard numbers backing up what they are doing, and can’t prove those numbers aren’t falsified, fire them now. CONTACT US NOW and we can tell you some of the tricks offshore SEO vendors use to game their results.

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We learned this the hard way. As an IT company, TRA Consulting, Inc. never really intended to provide SEO services for anyone, much less for ourselves. After several years of paying SEO companies from India, we felt we weren’t receiving a return on our spend (we ended up being right about this). We started doing our own work inhouse. We invested in tools to help us measure our work. We discovered three things:

  • Doing SEO the right way is hard work, but profitable
  • We weren’t receiving significant assistance from our old SEO vendor
  • We could pivot our own experience into something positive for other companies; so that they don’t have to make the same mistakes we did

So here we are. An IT Company. We work with information management, and technology. In an ironic sort of way; SEO wasn’t a big leap for us. Everything we were already doing was very data-driven. Doing SEO the right way is a lot like working in IT. If you design your systems well, they will give you predictable results.