The Right IT Person For The Job

If you are like the average SMB, you may be wondering whether you are going about IT the right way: Whether you are getting a good return on your investment Whether you are prepared for the future of IT Whether you are leveraging technology to manage information efficiently According to the CNET blog article, "IT

Network Security For The SMB

I want to take some time to discuss the importance and affordability of securing your company's network and data.  Most SMBs I come accross are not doing enough to protect themselves against the myriad dangers threatening their organization.  Criminals are casting an ever-widening net on electronic targets; and now, more than ever, it is becoming

Can My Organization Afford In-House IT?

If your company is just struggling to get off the ground, probably not.  As valuable as a well-trained staff of IT professionals can be for an SMB, an in-house IT shop may not be in the cards – or the budget. Let's explore the development of an IT infrastructure as it relates to the maturation

Simplified Cloud for the Layman

I heard a great definition for three types of cloud at a Symantec conference late last year. Public Cloud – Resources you utilize via the internet which you do not own Private Cloud – Resources you utilize via the internet which you do own Hybrid Cloud – A mixture of the previous two clouds The

SMBs and leveraging the cloud

Cloud computing is a buzzword that has gotten so watered down in overuse that it has become almost meaningless in the public discourse, so I will have to follow this article up with an article addressing different types of "clouds". Technology is notoriously fast-moving. Blink and you get left in the dust. SMBs know this